Meet the Team


Owner & Creative Director

BBA, Operations Management

MA, Dance Education (NYU)

ABT® Certified Teacher

CORPS de Ballet Inter, Member

Dance USA, NYC Member

NDEO, NYU Member

Mari Vasconez

Mari began her training at the Academia de Artes Franceschi in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Her family relocated to Texas where she continued her training in competitive dance, Latin dance, and Classical Ballet at Act One Dance Studio under the instruction of Janet Schenk and Marina Almayeva. Her teaching experience began at this same studio at just 16 years of age.


Mari went to college at Texas A&M University, where she studied Dance Sciences at the TAMU Dance Department. Here she developed her teaching style and understanding of the human anatomy as a dancer. At A&M she also began to teach Salsa, Bachata, and technique to a student-run organization called Salsa Fusion Latin Dance Company. After Texas A&M, Mari continued her teaching and performing career throughout the country at events such as Los Angeles Salsa Congress, Houston Salsa Congress, BIG Salsa Congress, Dallas Bachata Festival, Dallas Salsa Congress, Unity Dance Festival, Atlanta Bachata Festival, New York City Bachata Weekender and Aventura Dance Cruise.  Mari was awarded a student internship at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Houston, owned & directed by the former choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance, Maria Johnson. She Co-Directed and paved the way for a professional Dallas-based performance team called SeduXion alongside the nationally acclaimed instructor, Roberto Lay. There she developed the team’s skills with her technique background. She taught at dance studios and events throughout Texas.


Mari also performed at prestigious events such as the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance Convention in 2009 and the American College Dance Festival Association (2009, 2010). She recently trained under the direction of Melanie Castillo and Jose Luis Gomez as part of their performance-based team called Corillo Dance Company. 


Currently, Mari is the proud owner of MotionScoop Dance Academy where she hopes to build a haven for students who wish to explore dance with no limits. Mari holds a Masters in Dance Education from New York University and is an ABT® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 7 and Partnering of the ABT® National Training Curriculum. 


Latin & Events Instructor

Mambo On2 Technique

Professional Performer 

International Experience

Marcus Valentin

Marcus Valentin began dancing in Texas with Mambo Dallas Dance Company in 2012 under the direction of Katie Mambo. He was inspired to continue his development and training as a dancer. This led him to move to New York City in 2013 to pursue his dancing career. When he arrived in New York City, his main focus was Salsa On 2. He studied and danced with Yamulee Dance Company under the direction of Osmar Perrones and Karel Flores. He later transitioned his focus and style and began training with Balmir Latin Dance Studios owned and operated by Eric Balmir and with its artistic director, Anya Katsevman. During his time at Balmir, he has grown on an individual level by learning, training, and performing several different Latin dance styles. Marcus has performed at nationally acclaimed events such as Hawaii Salsa Congress, DR Salsa Congress, Dallas Salsa Congress, Atlanta Bachata Festival, Dallas Salsa Congress, Houston Salsa Congress, International Hustle-Salsa Congress, BIG Salsa Festival, Paris Salsa Congress, Amsterdam Salsa Congress, Toronto Salsa Congress and many dance socials and events in the NYC and tri-state area. He started his teaching experience in Texas at Mambo Dallas Dance Studio and Alpha Midway Dance Studio and has continued to teach in New York City through private instruction. Currently, Marcus also trained under the direction of Melanie Castillo and Jose Luis Gomez as part of their performance-based team called Corillo Dance Company.  


Marcus teaches various Latin styles of dance to adults in the NYC area and you will catch him at any MotionScoop events and adult lessons.