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Dance Policies


Discipline | Passion | Respect

Dance policies are for the benefit of all students.

At MotionScoop Dance Academy, we encourage our dancers to strive for perfect attendance, as well as, the consistent practice of dance, etiquette and dress code. This dedication improves dance technique and their individual growth. In addition, it helps dancers prepare to progress for the next class level. Attending every class allows students to develop their skill sets including commitment and dedication skills needed to excel in life, building strong lasting relationships with their teachers and peers, and maintaining a lasting self-confidence. To maintain this environment and ensure the best experience for all students, we have established the following policies.


  • Students must arrive 5 minutes before class to allow time to get into dance attire

  • Students must be ready at the start of each class by lining up OUTSIDE of the studio door.

  • Late students may enter with permission from the director/teacher. 

  • To avoid injuries, any student that arrives after 5 minutes will be asked to observe the class. Older students will have an observation sheet to fill out during class. 

  • Due to the limited nature of our program, makeup classes may only be scheduled at the company's private lesson rate or with approval from the director.

  • There will be no refunds for students who miss classes or rehearsal, no exceptions.


  • Students must be dressed properly for every class, this includes neat hair and NO jewelry.

  • Students and parents are responsible for their belongings. 

  • All students must be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of class.

  • N0 gum, food, or drinks other than water are permitted in the studio.

  • Parents/caregivers/siblings will wait outside of the classroom while class is in session. 

  • No students will be allowed to dance without a signed waiver. 


  • Eyes and attention must always be on the teacher.

  • Be kind to your classmates. We welcome all levels and have a zero-tolerance for bullying. 

  • For the student’s safety, we won’t allow socializing during class. This includes phones. 

  • No running (unless it is part of the instruction for your class, under supervision).

  • Absolutely no leaning or hanging on the barre at any time.  

  • No hands on or leaning on the mirrors. 

  • Please wait for your teacher's dismissal before you leave (no running out of the room).

  • After class, we will all applaud and say “thank you” to one another for a great class.

  • Help your friend if they are struggling or raise your hand for help.


No jewelry allowed for the dancer's safety, Only small earring studs may be worn. No jeans allowed. 


  • Ballet: hair neatly in a ballet bun with no fly-aways, solid color leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. No skirts for ages 5 and up, unless approved by the director. Ballet warm-up jackets and leg warmers are allowed.

  • Conditioning, Jazz & Latin Styles: Hair neatly in a ponytail. Students may wear a tank top/leotard and leggings/shorts.Jazz shoes are preferred, dance sneakers are ok for Latin Fusion ONLY. If your dancer is also in Ballet they can wear their ballet leo with shorts or leggings on top. 

  • Hip Hop: Form-fitting top or tshirt, leggings or sweatpants, sneakers or converse, hair pulled back in a ponytail.

  • Flexibility, Strength & Acro: Hair neatly in a LOW bun or ponytail. Students may wear leggings or form-fitting clothing. We highly recommend female dancers wear a leotard and leggings. For safety, no loose clothing (such as t-shirts) as the dancers will be learning tricks and techniques. Bare feet, no shoes. 

By adhering to this attendance policy, we aim to foster a positive and productive learning environment where every dancer can thrive and reach their full potential.


Thank you for your commitment to our dance program and your dedication to the art of dance!


MotionScoop Dance Academy

(718) 416-6598

Queens, NYC

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